What Is the Best Way to Obtain Child Support Payments From a Parent?


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The best method to obtain child support payments from a parent is to withhold the parent’s paycheck as required by a child support order, according to the Office of Child Support Enforcement. A mother should establish fatherhood and contact a local child support office to request a child support order.

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Child support officials may ask for information on the noncustodial parent, the children’s birth certificates, written statements proving paternity, a child support order or a divorce decree, states the Office of Child Support Enforcement. Child support programs aim to find a noncustodial parent, establish fatherhood, implement support orders and obtain child support payments. Genetic testing can be done if the paternity is uncertain.

Once the father is identified, child support officials establish a child support order, and the local child support agency enforces the order, says the Office of Child Support Enforcement. The noncustodial parent’s employer is typically requested to withhold the parent’s paycheck and send the funds to the local child support office.

Other ways to collect child support include denying a passport, intercepting federal payments, setting property liens, withholding tax refunds and reporting child support debts to credit bureaus, as explained by the Office of Child Support Enforcement. The Department of Motor Vehicles, the Federal Parent Locator Service and other state agencies often help to find a parent whose location is unknown.

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