What Is Usually on a Preschool Supply List?


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The school supply lists for preschoolers and kindergarteners are very similar. They mostly consist of materials for arts and crafts and a backpack for carrying things to and from school.

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The supplies needed for the average preschooler are a backpack, lunch box (if the child packs a lunch, or if lunch is not provided), some Number 2 pencils (many stores sell chunky ones for little hands), a pencil and crayon box, erasers, safety scissors, glue sticks, a small glue bottle, tape, crayons, washable markers, colored pencils, folders, tissues and hand sanitizer. The need for pencil and crayon sharpeners is typically left up to the teachers and parents. Watercolor or other child-friendly paints may be on the list, depending on the teacher's preferences and the lesson plans that are in place.

Although this list covers the basic necessities of most preschool supply lists, it is very important to get the official copy from the child's teacher. The school may have restrictions or requests regarding what colors and designs are allowed or not allowed. If a child has specific needs or requires special care during school hours, the teacher or school nurse may require that the parent bring in those specific items as well as an instruction list.

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