What Are Some Useful Daily Life Skills?


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Some useful daily life skills include performing online research, using a smartphone, making use of online banking and knowing how to cook. In the 21st century, daily skills are increasingly focused on technology, while older skills like knitting or letter writing are becoming less important, according to the Daily Mail.

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What Are Some Useful Daily Life Skills?
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A 2013 Daily Mail survey conducted among 2,000 adults found that knowing how to properly perform research on the Internet ranks as the most important daily skill. Using Google or other search engines to efficiently gather information is the basis for a range of other skills, and many people rely far more on the Internet for learning than on being taught by others. In a similar vein, knowing how to connect to Wi-Fi, how to use a smartphone and how to use online banking rank as the next most important skills. Wi-Fi and smartphone use provide access to the Internet and communication, making them both valuable skills. Online banking, which has largely replaced in-person banking for many people, is another key skill to know.

Cooking is the highest-ranked non-digital skill, proving that people still need to know how to feed themselves even in the electronic age. Other important skills include knowing how to turn off a home’s main water supply and understanding how to separate garbage and recycling. Other important digital skills include using navigation programs, communicating via social media and searching for jobs online.

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