How Do You Use WorldConnect?

To search for a family tree on WorldConnect, click on the Advanced Search option and enter an ancestor's surname in the surname search box. If you know your ancestor's first name, enter that in the given name field, and execute the search. To edit or submit a family tree on WorldConnect, create a free RootsWeb membership account and follow the site's instructions.

To narrow a search on WorldConnect, fill out as many of the information fields as possible on the Advanced Search page; to widen a search, fill out fewer fields. Enter information in at least one field to conduct a search. If a search is unsuccessful, try again with different spellings of the names, or use nicknames. Wildcard search options may also improve the results of a search.

The fields on WorldConnect's search form include surname, given name, birth place, birth year and death place. The surname search has an option to search for names that sound alike. Users may enter the first few letters of the last name followed by an asterisk to return more results. WorldConnect advises users to search for female ancestors using the maiden name rather than the married name. Because there are many spelling errors in the database, the site recommends searching for alternate spellings of place names in the birth and death place fields.

Users who are uploading family trees to WorldConnect create unique codes to identify their files. Researchers who have uploaded files may exclude their own files from database searches by entering the code in the Skip Database field. Users may enter more than one code in this field to exclude multiple databases; they may also limit searches to recently-uploaded information. However, new users are advised to search as many databases as possible to return all relevant results.