How Do You Use Wool Diaper Covers?


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A wool diaper cover is typically used with prefolds, flats or fitted cloth diapers and is placed directly over the diaper. Wool diaper covers often double as pants or shorts for infants.

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Wool diaper covers are an option for both night and day use when the wool is cared for properly. Wool diaper covers must be hand washed with a wool wash that contains lanolin and then line dried. An alternative is to use a few drops of lanolin and a few drops of baby wash to clean wool diaper covers. Limit the amount of lanolin used to prevent a sticky feeling after washing. The lanolin ensures the wool diaper cover is waterproof. Wash the diaper cover only when it is visibly soiled, and allow it to air dry between uses.

Wool diaper covers absorb a small amount of moisture when the area is under pressure, such as in a car seat. For overnight or use in car seats, choose a diaper that has an additional layer of absorbent material to prevent damp wool covers. Wool diaper covers can be used overnight, do not leak if the diaper is adequate and are appropriate for most temperatures.

Wool covers can be purchased in a wide selection of styles that range from shorts and skirts to pants and heavy winter wear. Many companies that sell wool diaper covers also offer wool wash that contains lanolin.

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