How Do You Use a Toddler Size Chart to Choose Clothing?

How Do You Use a Toddler Size Chart to Choose Clothing?

To use a toddler size chart for choosing clothing, measure your toddler's height and weight. Choose the size that corresponds to those measurements. Use the chart for the brand you are buying, as charts can vary for different manufacturers.

Standard toddler sizes are 2T, 3T and 4T, with the T standing for toddler. Size 2T clothing is best for toddlers between 26 to 29 pounds in weight and between 33 to 35 inches in height. Size 3T is for those between 30 to 34 pounds in weight and 35 to 37 inches in height. Size 4T is for those between 34 to 38 pounds in weight and 37 to 40 inches in height. If your child is between two sizes, select the larger size to allow for growth.

Infant sizes are available for children younger than toddler age, while kids' sizes are available for older children. Infant sizes are grouped according to the child's age in months. Kids' sizes have numbers, similar to toddler sizes but without the T.

Certain toddlers can wear infant or kids' clothes, as the length of the clothing is the main difference. Short toddlers usually fit into infant clothes, while tall toddlers usually fit into kids' clothes.

Toddler size charts don't differentiate between girls and boys, as there isn't a significant size difference between genders at those ages. Kids' clothing has boys and girls sizes.