How Do You Use Sticker Charts to Promote Good Behavior?


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One way to use a sticker chart to promote good behavior is to list positive behaviors and actions in columns or rows, placing a sticker on the corresponding space when the child completes the action or behavior. You can also give a reward when a child accumulates a certain number of stickers.

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According to Psychology Today, it is important to explain to the individual how the sticker chart works and what the goals of using it are. Also, be clear about the reward system. The person should know how many stickers she must earn to get the prize, as well as what the prize will be. The reward can be anything that will serve as a good incentive such as a small amount of money, tickets to a movie or a new toy. Choose smaller prizes and set achievable goals. If something takes too long to earn, children tend to lose interest and will likely not stay on track with the chart.

Try to place a sticker on the chart immediately after the child exhibits the good behavior or action to make a direct connection between the positive behavior and the reward. Don't remove stickers for negative behaviors. The most effective sticker charts are based on positive reinforcement.

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