How Do You Use a Family Tree DNA Test Kit?


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Use the Family Tree DNA test kit by rubbing the bristle end of the swab that comes in the kit against the inside of the cheek of the person to be tested to collect cells, and then sending the swab to a lab for genetic testing. Family Tree DNA offers a variety of tests for family ethnicity, paternal and maternal lineages.

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Those interested in genealogy or family history can use the Family Tree DNA test to confirm some of their findings. It is also a good way to get started finding out more about a hidden ancestry, if there is little in the way of documentation to rely on.

  1. Open the kit
  2. Open up the test kit that arrives in the mail. There should be two swabs and two sample tubes. The kit is intended for one person. These extras are in case there is a problem with the first sample. Open the swab packaging at the handle end with a small black triangle in one corner. Hold the swab by the wide part of the handle, not the narrow straw sticking out of the end.

  3. Take the sample
  4. Rub the bristles of the swab against the inside cheek about four or five times. Do not swab the teeth, tongue or gums. Open the plastic sample tube. Place the bristle end of the swab into the tube and push down on the narrow straw at the end of the handle with a finger. This should release the brush into the tube. Repeat this step with the second swab.

  5. Mail the package
  6. Fill out the consent form and order form. Fold these in a plastic baggy from the kit. Place sample tubes in the baggy. Put the baggy in the provided bubble mailer. Weigh and stamp the mailer and send it out.

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