How Do You Use a Baby Formula Feeding Chart?


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Parents can use a formula feeding chart as a guide to ensure that their children are getting the nutrients required for proper growth. A feeding chart also is beneficial to make sure that a baby eats enough throughout a 24-hour period. For the first few weeks after birth, an infant may have two to three ounces of formula every three to four hours, notes HealthyChildren.org.

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At one month of age, a child can have up to four ounces of formula about six to eight times within a 24-hour period, states HopkinsMedicine.org. The number of ounces of formula increases with each ensuing month. By five months, a child may drink up to a maximum of seven ounces about six times in a 24-hour period. An infant should not have more than 42 ounces of milk within a 24-hour period, as noted by HealthyChildren.org.

By following a formula chart, parents can ensure that a child is getting enough vitamin D needed for strong bones. At about four months, an infant may begin to have some solid foods such as prepared rice cereal. However, a child should not have cow's milk until he is about one year old, states Johns Hopkins Medicine. Similarly, a small amount of 100 percent fruit juice can be added to the diet when the child is about six months old.

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