What Are Some Unique Muslim Girl Names?


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Some unique Muslim names for a girl include Aa'eesha and Aadila. Some other names are A'ishah, Abru and Adila. Names that fall at the end of the alphabet are Zakira, Zameera and Zeba.

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The meaning of Aa'eesha includes life, vivaciousness, living and prosperous. It is the name of the youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammed. Aadila's meaning is just, honest and equal.

The alternate spellings of A'ishah are Aisha and Ayishah. This is the name of the youngest wife of the Prophet Pbuh, and means living or prosperous. Adila also has alternate spellings, which are Adilah and Adeela, and its meaning is equal or one who deals justly.

The meaning of Zakira is grateful person or one who praises God, while the meaning of Zameera is mind, heart, thought or reflection. Zeeba's meaning is adorned, beautiful, proper or graceful.

Other unique names are Surayya, Sussan, also spelled Soussan, Taahira, Tabassum and Taranah. All of these names are Arabic in origin, with Surayya being the name of a constellation and Susan being a lily of the valley. Surayya also means free of worry or happy. Taahira means pure or chaste, while Tabassum means smile or laughter. The meaning of Tarabah is harmony, symphony or a kind of song.

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