How Do You Undergo a Process of Adoption in Missouri?


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Start the Missouri adoption process by filling out the adoption application, completing the Adoption Home Assessment Application and meeting with a social worker. The entire process from filling out the forms to actual adoption varies from state to state, and it can take upward of several months. You need the adoption application, an envelope and postage.

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  1. Attend an orientation meeting

    Once you have decided to adopt, pick out an adoption agency. Then, attend the orientation meeting, which gives you valuable adoption advice.

  2. Apply to adopt

    Once you have attended orientation and undergone the necessary training, fill out the adoption application.

  3. Fill out the Adoption Home Assessment Application

    Go to the Missouri Department of Social Services website to download the Adoption Home Assessment Application. This begins the process for the home study, which is required before getting approved for adoption. Fill out the form, and send it to the Children's Division office for your county. A social worker is required to make contact within 30 days.

  4. Complete the home study

    Complete the home study, where a caseworker comes to your home and meets with you. She then decides if you are ready to adopt. The final component of the home study is a background check.

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