What Some Typical Achievements in the Development of a 6-Month-Old Baby?


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Developmental milestones for a 6-month old baby should include smiling, laughing, making eye contact, and babbling, states WebMD. A baby at this age may be able to sit up alone and may be able to roll over from back to stomach.

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Six-month-old babies should begin to recognize the people who are around them on a daily basis and become more comfortable with familiar people. The baby might react differently to strange people or situations. At this age, a baby might start sliding around by pushing against the floor, or raise up on hands and knees to rock back and forth, states WebMD.

It is normal for 6-month-olds to start sleeping six to eight hours at a time. If a baby is having trouble sleeping, parents might try the Ferber Method of putting the baby in the crib while still awake and not responding to its cries for increasing amounts of time each night. A baby of this age growing at a normal rate should be around double the original birth weight, after having gained 1 1/2 to 2 pounds a month since birth. After the 6-month mark, growth generally begins slowing to around a pound and half an inch of growth each month, states WebMD.

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