What Types of Worksheets Are Suitable for Preschool Kids?


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Worksheets for preschool-aged children must be simple and allow for the fact that many children have not fully developed motor skills at this age. Worksheets that are colorful and engaging make for a good introduction to the world of schoolwork.

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What Types of Worksheets Are Suitable for Preschool Kids?
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Some of the skills that preschool worksheets may cover include alphabet and number recognition, letter sounds, scissor skills, and pencil tracing. Color and shape recognition and coloring pages are also good choices. Simple math worksheets might cover basic money concepts, such as the values of various coins, counting, and very simple addition and subtraction exercises.

Very young children may need to focus on a concept over several different activities. For example, a student can learn a letter by tracing it on a worksheet or in a shallow pan of sand or flour, coloring a page full of pictures of animals and objects that begin with that letter, singing songs about the letter, and attempting to form the letter with her hands. Worksheets for math concepts may include simple counting and pattern exercises, compare concepts such as large versus small and more versus less, or use beads or other counters to demonstrate simple addition and subtraction concepts.

Preschool-aged children are not developmentally ready for long bouts of desk work. Teachers and parents should keep worksheet use to a minimum and provide breaks for physical activity as needed.

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