What Types of Skills Do Children Learn in Preschool?

types-skills-children-learn-preschool Credit: madgerly/CC-BY-2.0

Some of the skills children learn in preschool include social skills, problem solving and fine motor skills. Children also learn numbers and counting, letters and literacy, and basic colors and shapes, explains Parents magazine.

In preschool, children are taught important social skills, such as sharing, cooperating, following simple rules and asking for help. They also learn how to work together in groups and take turns. Children are taught fine motor skills and proper hand-eye coordination as they learn how to cut with scissors, hold crayons and pencils, paint, draw and color beyond simple scribbles, says Parents magazine.

Preschoolers are taught to recognize numbers 1 to 10, and they learn how to count up to 10. They also learn to identify and pronounce each letter of the alphabet, as well as how to write upper-case letters and how to spell their name and other simple words, such as "mom" and "dad." They begin to learn the sounds that correspond to different letters. Children continue to learn about basic colors, shapes and body parts. Children learn vital skills primarily through play and creative activity. Positive self-esteem is also taught and reinforced through everyday learning and interactions with teachers and peers, notes Parents magazine.