What Types of Information Are Included on a Daycare Application Form?

A day care application form includes information about a child and his or her parents, including their birthdays, addresses and phone numbers. They often ask for the marital status of the parents and their job information. Many ask for information about the child's siblings as well.

Not only does a day care application form include basic information, such as addresses, phone numbers and birthdays, it often has additional information about both parents and children. The form may ask how the parents heard about that particular day care center, if they have any other children attending any other schools and which dates they intend to enroll the child into the program. The day care might also want a short biography about the child and perhaps his/her social security number.

Most forms will also ask if the child has any allergies and, if they do, what form of medication they require if they ingest something harmful, such as an EpiPen. The child's pediatrician is typically named on the form, along with his or her office address and phone number. Some forms ask for a picture of the child for their records. All forms require at least two emergency contacts, consisting of phone numbers and the relationship of the contact to the child.