What Are Some Types of Infant Feeding Tools?


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Some types of infant feeding tools are bottles, cups, droppers, spoons, syringes and more. After an infant reaches 4 to 6 months of age, babies can set aside a bottle and use a cup with a little help. Depending on what your baby prefers, try using a regular cup, a sippy cup, a no-spill sippy cup, a cup with a straw or a sports bottle.

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A few instruments that are useful for feeding infants include NUK Gerber BPA Free Bunch-A-Bowls With Lids, Baby Cube Containers, Munchkin Soft-tip Infant Spoons and Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food/Breast Milk Trays. The Bunch-A-Bowls provide food containers with lids to store baby food and even heat up food in a microwave, if necessary. Baby Cube Containers are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe; they stack neatly on top of each other and can freeze baby food for months.

Soft-tip Infant Spoons have long handles that get to the bottom of food receptacles and are ideal for children who are just beginning to eat solid foods. Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food/Breast Milk Trays turn breast milk into nutritious cubes that you can add to meals like a bowl of infant cereal for your child's breakfast.

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