What Type of Services Offer Cheap Adoptions?


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The most affordable form of adoption is to adopt an older child through a public foster care program; parents can also adopt infants through foster care, although this can be more expensive than adopting an older child. In some cases, it costs nothing to adopt an older child through foster care, while private adoption agencies often charge thousands of dollars for their services.

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Private, non-profit adoption agencies, such as Independent Adoption Center, National Adoption Center and American Adoptions, are the next most affordable method to adopt children in the United States. In many cases, a non-profit agency adoption costs between $10,000 and $25,000. Their fees support the agency's efforts to locate a child for a family, cover legal costs, fund counseling and support the birth mother through the process.

NewBeginnings.org, a licensed non-profit agency that operates out of Mississippi and Tennessee, offers both domestic and international adoption services. This agency specializes in arranging adoptions for Christian families. It offers counseling to adoptive families and to birth mothers, and takes care of post-adoption communication services between birth mothers and adoptive families when desired. NewBeginnings.org organizes international adoptions from Poland, Taiwan and China.

New England-area organization FriendsInAdoption.org primarily places newborns, but also works with older children. Like most agencies, FriendsInAdoption.org performs home visits to ensure that prospective families are qualified to adopt.

The most expensive adoption services are typically international adoptions, attorney-supervised adoptions and private adoptions. Attorney fees can be expensive, and extensive work with an attorney may result in high costs. Private adoptions can be costly because of legal fees and the expense of locating and supporting a birth mother.

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