How Do You Treat Gas in Babies?


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To treat gas in babies, burp them during and after nursing, slowly massage them and move their legs in motions similar to riding a bike while they lie on their backs, or give them a warm bath, advises WebMD. Pediatricians also recommend maintaining an infant's head above her stomach while nursing or bottle-feeding her. This position enables the baby to burp more easily by letting the milk travel to the bottom of the stomach while the air stays on top.

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When bottle-feeding, it helps to use a nursing pillow and tilt the bottle slightly upward to prevent accumulation of air bubbles in the nipple, notes WebMD. If a baby doesn't burp while nursing, a mother should let her baby rest on her back for several minutes and try burping her again.

A slower-flow nipple is conducive to easing gas if bottle-feeding a baby, reports WebMD. Pediatricians sometimes suggest reducing intake of gas-causing foods, such as fruit juices with sorbitols, which are hard for babies to absorb. Certain milk products and caffeinated foods are also difficult to digest for babies. In some cases, changing formula brands helps reduce gas.

Pediatricians may recommend over-the-counter treatments to ease infant gas, according to WebMD. While infant gas is normal, parents should consult a doctor immediately if their babies vomit, cannot calm down, have bloody stools or do not move bowels.

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