How Do You Treat an Allergic Skin Rash?


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Persons with an allergic skin rash are advised to treat the affected area by avoiding contact with the allergen, using a cold compress to soak the affected area and applying a colloidal oatmeal, according to WebMD. Other treatments include using over-the-counter anti-itch creams and wearing loose clothing.

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How Do You Treat an Allergic Skin Rash?
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To avoid a delay in the healing process, it is important that the patient avoids further contact with the substance causing the rash, explains WebMD. Applying a cold compress or taking a cold shower helps to calm a rash. Patients may also use colloidal oatmeal to treat inflamed skin, provided they do not have sensitivities to oatmeal.

Over-the-counter anti-itch cream is also a common treatment for skin rashes, claims WebMD. These creams typically contain hydrocortisone, a substance that helps to ease the itching; calamine lotion may also relieve symptoms. Wearing loose clothing also may bring relief when a person has a skin rash, as tight clothing can cause further irritation to the area.

If a skin rash is severe, a damp dressing can help, explains WebMD. A T-shirt or other soft cloth should be soaked in water and then placed around the area of the rash, but not too tight that its decreases circulation.

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