What Are the Traditional Characteristics of a Firstborn Child?


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Firstborn children tend to be reliable, conscientious, cautious, structured, controlling achievers, says Jocelyn Voo of Parents.com. Furthermore, they are diligent and desire to be the best at many things. They bask in the presence of their parents and sometimes act like adults.

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Linda Blair, a clinical psychologist for 25 years, explains at MailOnline.com that firstborn children are thirsty for approval, as they enjoy the exclusive attention of their parents when they are small. However, this attention often gets divided as new siblings are born, and this causes them to experience a loss of undivided focus before a sense of security is firmly established.

Firstborn children are also law-abiding and conservative, notes Blair. They are likely to follow the law and stick with what they know instead of taking risks with new ideas or schemes. Additionally, they like being in charge. Statistics reveal that there is a disproportionate number of firstborn children in leadership positions.

Firstborn children often excel in academics. Primarily, they want to please their parents and teachers, and they also usually have superior language skills. They are organized and responsible having witnessed their parents care for their younger siblings and been given the responsibility of looking after their younger siblings as well.

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