What topics does the Maternal Child Nursing Care book cover?


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Topics covered in the Maternal Child Nursing Care book include 21st century maternity nursing, community care, the reproductive years, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and newborns. Part 2 of the book covers children and their families, assessment of the child and family, health promotion and health problems, and special needs. There is also information in the updated version of the book covering topics such as proper fetal heart rate identification, obesity in expectant mothers and shaken baby syndrome.

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The first part of the book covers topics up to, and including, the birth of a new baby. Topics such as the reproductive system, contraception, infertility and abortion are included, as are topics such as maternal and fetal nutrition, fetal development and high-risk pregnancies. The childbirth unit covers the labor and birth process, fetal assessment during labor and complications that can arise. The postpartum and newborn units cover physiological changes and transition to parenthood, along with the care, nutrition and feeding of a newborn.

Part 2 of the book focuses on child care and the well being of the family. Topics covered include family, social and religious influences on children's health promotions, pain assessment, and common health problems that can arise throughout the child's first few years, from infant to adolescence. The last two units deal with the topics of illness and disabilities in the child.

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