What Are Some Tips for Writing Letters From the Tooth Fairy?


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The best written letters from the Tooth Fairy are creative, fun and personal. Children enjoy letters addressed by name and that use other proper nouns such as siblings' names or the name of the child's town, school or dentist. Colorful paper, ink, decorative stickers or photos make the letter especially fun for a child.

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Parents writing a letter from the Tooth Fairy have an opportunity to encourage good dental hygiene habits with phrases such as, "Thank you for doing a great job brushing your teeth" or, "Don't forget to floss to keep your new teeth looking beautiful." Accolades such as, "You left me a beautiful tooth" or, "Good job brushing your teeth" are meaningful to a child. The letter can also explain the process of baby teeth falling out and being replaced by adult teeth.

A letter written by hand has a personal touch, as long as savvy children don't recognize their parent's handwriting. Parents may prefer printing a custom written letter using a script font, downloading a pre-written letter available on the Internet, or even purchasing a letter or certificate online to arrive in the mail.

If the Tooth Fairy is leaving money in exchange for the tooth, parents have an opportunity to educate the child about money management and the wisdom of saving money. If parents aren't able to leave money, a child may appreciate a trinket or treat left in lieu of currency.

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