What Are Some Tips a Teenager Can Use to Assemble a Babysitting Bag?


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Begin the process of assembling a great babysitting bag by writing down a list of items to include. Care.com advises starting with the most important things, such as a first aid kit that includes bandages and other emergency medical items. Include an emergency contact list that has the parents' contact information, alternative contacts and doctors' phone numbers.

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It is very important to bring along a list of medications that children are taking with brief instructions on dosage. Also, write down special instructions. A medication list ensures that there is no need to guess what medication to give and how to give it. For example, if an EpiPen needs to be used to aid a child having a severe allergic reaction, the babysitter needs to be thoroughly prepared to administer proper treatment. Remember to include a notebook and pen to write down parents' instructions. Bring along snacks recommended by parents.

If taking care of infants, bring a few diapers. Baby wipes are essential for cleanliness. A bottle of water quenches thirst for the child and the babysitter. Tuck away small packs of tissues for sneezes and other uses. Sunscreen protects children from sunburn. Keep $5 to $10 on hand to pay for miscellaneous expenses. Finally, always bring along some children's books, games and puzzles for entertainment.

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