What Are Some Tips for Searching for Your Biological Father?


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Tips for searching for your biological father include to check if the state involved maintains a reunion registry to help unite fathers with their children and to check with any alumni associations if you know the high school or college that the father attended. If the child knows any information about the biological father, such as his name or employer, a tip for searching for the biological father is to contact these organizations for information.

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Many states maintain registries that children and parents can join for the purpose of reunification. Some states even provide individuals that assist in the location process on a confidential basis. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services maintains the Child Welfare Information Gateway, a service that lists the family reunification resources available in each state. The Child Welfare Information Gateway also contains help information for individuals searching for a biological father.

If the person searching for a biological father knows the father's name, Internet search engines and people-search websites provide opportunities to search for public information. In addition, if the child knows the father's employer or the father's union membership, those organizations might offer to provide the father's contact information. Similarly, if the father is a veteran, the American Battle Monuments Commission keeps information about service members that might prove useful in a search.

If the father is from a small town or the local area, a local librarian might have personal knowledge about the situation and the father's whereabouts. Similarly, a local historical society may have similar information. If the child's biological mother does not want to provide information, the child might ask the mother's relatives for information about the biological father. A child's birth certificate also might contain the biological father's name.

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