What Are Some Tips for Motivating Millenials?


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Some tips for motivating millennials include giving regular feedback that they are heard and are making a difference, providing quick access to information, and letting them solve problems in their own ways. Millennials also benefit from having the freedom to create their own schedules and being given lots of opportunities for socializing, both virtually and in person.

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The millennial generation, those born from roughly the early 1980s to the early 2000s, finds motivation through making a difference. Explaining the "whys" to millennials and helping them to see how they fit into the big picture motivates them to contribute more. Millennials are used to having access to large amounts of information through the Internet and need this same access to information at work. They value tasks with responsibility and want pay commensurate with their impact, not their seniority.

Millennials are less future oriented and more interested in the quality of life right now. Rewards and bonuses need to reflect that world view. Rewards millennials appreciate include time off from work, access to professional development opportunities, new technology, and the chance to choose and develop their own projects. MIllennials also value the flexibility to maintain a good life-work balance. In addition to flexible schedules, they appreciate the opportunity to incorporate volunteering, hobbies and personal interests, and socializing with family and friends as part of their work when possible.

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