What Are Some Tips on How to Manage Toddler Tantrums?


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Prevention, preparation and understanding are the most effective ways to manage toddler temper tantrums, along with tactics such as distracting the toddler, offering choices or ignoring the fit. Tantrums are a normal part of early childhood development, and are particularly common between the ages of 1 and 4. Toddlers most often throw tantrums to express frustration with a situation. Understanding what triggers a child's tantrums is the first step to managing the outbursts.

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Tantrums are more likely to occur when a toddler is tired, hungry or uncomfortable. Consistent routines for eating and sleeping often help prevent these types of outbursts. Encouraging toddlers to use words or hand signals to communicate their needs also reduces their tendencies to throw tantrums. Some toddlers become impatient and frustrated during long waits or shopping trips. Snacks and small toys usually keep young children happy longer during these situations.

Sometimes a toddler throws a temper tantrum because he wants something he cannot have or wants to do something he cannot do. Some parents ignore these types of behaviors and see positive results, while others offer alternative activities to manage the outbursts. It is important for parents to avoid giving toddlers too much attention during these episodes, and to offer plenty of praise and attention while their children are exhibiting positive behaviors.

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