What Are Some Tips for Finding a Reliable Babysitter?


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To find a reliable babysitter, search for reputable childcare service providers, qualify the sitter and set up an interview. Ask for references and inquire about the potential sitter with previous employers. Finally, make sure that the children are comfortable with the babysitter during a trial session to make sure that the sitter and the children connect well with each other.

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In the absence of an adult relative who is willing to babysit, research online or offline childcare service providers to narrow down to those that connect to reliable babysitters. These should be providers of good repute, who have been in the business for a while and have authentic reviews. Contact parents who have used their services to determine whether sitters from specific providers have been reliable and trustworthy.

When choosing potential babysitters, verify whether the service provider has carried out thorough background checks. Arrange for telephonic interviews with potential sitters and to learn about their background, experience and references. Speak to references and ask open-ended questions to determine whether a particular sitter is the right choice. Once everything checks out, schedule a home interview and observe how the sitter interacts and connects with the children. Finally, negotiate prices with the babysitter and discuss specifics that the sitter ought to know regarding the children.

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