What Are Some Tips for Dealing With Children's Temper Tantrums?


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To effectively deal with a child’s temper tantrum, keep your cool and help him express himself better. Not giving in to his demands and removing him from the situation if he persists, also helps in that situation.

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Find something to distract him from what is triggering the tantrum. Be a good role model by staying calm. Talk to the child, and encourage him to express his feelings.

Do not give in to his demands, change your initial stand, or bribe him with treats as a way to end the tantrum as this creates a pattern. Remember it is your responsibility to install good behavior in him and to teach him how to handle his emotions.

Remove yourself from the situation by going to a different room, or place him in a quiet spot for a short period to give him space to cool off and soothe himself. Ensure he cannot harm himself before leaving him. If you are in a public place, warn him to stop or you leave, and be sure to carry out the warning.

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