How Do You Tie a Shoe?

How Do You Tie a Shoe?

To tie your shoes using a bow knot, cross tie the laces, make a loop from the left lace, and pull a loop of the right lace under the left lace. Tighten the two loops to finish the knot.

  1. Fit the shoe on your foot

    Put on the shoe, ensuring that the tongue is over the top of your foot and the laces are straight.

  2. Cross tie the laces

    Cross the left lace over the right lace, tuck it under the right lace, and bring it completely through. Pull the ends of both laces so that the shoe fits snugly on your foot.

  3. Make the left loop

    Take the lace on the right side loosely into your right hand, and hold the middle of the left lace with your left hand. Use your right index finger to pull up the center of the left lace to form a loop. Pinch the loop closed with your left thumb and index finger, and hold it near the center of the crossed laces.

  4. Make the right loop

    Wrap the lace in your right hand over the base of the left loop from front to back. Hold your left middle finger between the left lace loop and the right lace. Using your right middle finger, push a section of the right lace through the hole by your left middle finger.

  5. Tie the bow

    Grasp the right lace with your right thumb and index finger as it comes out from under the left loop, and pull gently until you have loops of equal size. Pull the loops tight to make a bow.