What Are Three Stimulating Activities That Encourage Development in a 3-Year-Old Child?


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Daily engagement with a child promotes a healthy learning environment. Three stimulating, daily activities to do with a child to encourage development are reading, conversing, and playing one-on-one.

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When reading with a child, point to the words and describe pictures to expand his vocabulary. By pointing to the print on the page, the child develops print awareness: The child soon understands that the words are read left to right, and that the left page is read first. This is a key reading skill.

When conversing with a child, it is important to keep it natural and based on what he is interested in. It is an easy way to incorporate math language, count objects and compare and contrast sizes. This can also help a child with language structure, as a caregiver can correct incorrect verb-tense usage during interaction.

Parents' Choice explains that playing one-on-one with a 3-year-old enriches his development. Games can enhance physical skills, such as beading or tossing a ball. Any task can become a game for him if it allows the child to feel connected with his caregiver.

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