What Are Some Free Things to Do With Kids?


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Examples of free things to do with kids include making a tent or fort with household sheets, looking through old family photo albums together and playing at a park. Other ideas for free kids activities are exercising together, teaching the child to cook and styling each other's hair.

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Ideas for free activities to do with little girls include having a spa day together with oatmeal and honey facials and painting nails. Free activities that are also educational for children include teaching them how to play chess, card games, ride a bike and send emails to family members.

At home crafts that use household goods are great for entertaining children. Examples of some things to make at home include a family tree, necklaces from pasta shells and dental floss and life size drawings of each other on the back of old wrapping paper. Another idea is to design a homemade bookmark and take turns reading to each other, using the bookmark when finished with a chapter.

Free outdoor activities for children include bird watching, star gazing, playing catch or making sandcastles at a beach or park with sand. Another fun outdoor idea is to collect leaves and flowers and then go to the library and try to identify them using reference books.

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