What Are Some Themes for Family and Friends Projects in Pre-K?


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Themes for family and friends projects in pre-K include "Family Faces," "Family Helpers" and "Our Friends." These themes that focus on the home lives of preschoolers promote self-awareness, build self-esteem and support the important roles of the family in the lives of young children.

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For the family faces project, pre-K students can create simple portraits of their family members' faces using paper plates, construction paper, crayons and glue sticks. After students construct family member portraits, including themselves, each student gives a presentation of their family portraits.

The family helpers project involves brainstorming a list of household chores that occur in the children's homes. The teacher makes a chart of the chores, and students explain who the helpers are in their families for specific chores.

The teacher explains the meaning and importance of friends for the "our friends" theme project and facilitates a class discussion in which students take turns talking about friends of their families.

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