Why Do Teens Drop Out of High School?


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There are many specific reasons for teens dropping out of school, but the three most common causes are lack of parental support, poor academic performance and economic difficulty. Often, the causes of a teenager dropping out start early on in academic years.

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While the number of teenagers graduating high school is on the increase, there are still many who drop out. The primary cause of students leaving school is because of academic problems. Students start falling behind in their classes as early as elementary school. They may miss crucial steps in the learning process, such as learning how to read or basic math, for a number of reasons. They may also have trouble with the teachers or other students. Eventually, the academic issues reach a critical mass and students drop out in their teens.

Another common cause of students leaving school is a lack of parental involvement. Parents may not be invested in the child graduating from school or encourage them to try and stay in school. Early parental involvement helps ease the potential of academic problems and dropping out for economic reasons.

Many teens also drop out for economic reasons. The primary one being getting a job and not being able to work enough while going to school. Kids from lower income families may end up having to contribute more to the household income. After a point, the stress of keeping up with a job and trying to keep up with school becomes too much and the student feels like he must make a choice.

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