What Do Teenagers Look for in Snacks?

Teenagers love to snack on chips and crackers. While some teenagers are health-minded, others are not. This is why some teenagers reach for an orange or an apple for a snack when others are caught eating a leftover slice of cold pizza.

Teenagers eat a large amount of food. Because their bodies are growing at such rapid rates, they demand more food than adults do. The demand tends to exceed the food supplied at regular mealtimes, leading to their massive consumption of snacks. Parents should keep these snacks stocked in the kitchen to ensure that their teenager never goes too hungry.

Certain snack options do not even require preparation. Chips and crackers are great for teenagers who are on the run. Trail mix and granola bars are a delicious, filling snack as well. Yogurt is a tasty, healthy alternative to ice cream. Small sandwiches even work well to curb the appetite of teenagers at their hungriest stage.

Most teenagers love a few staple items, such as French fries, chicken fingers and pizza. These items are not the healthiest choices to eat as snacks regularly. Replacing these fattier foods with hummus or fruits and vegetables ensures that teenagers are getting their fill of food while still eating healthily.