How Do Teenage Guys Think?

While it's commonly assumed that teenage boys only think about sex, research has shown that teenage boys also think about serious relationships and value respect from their romantic partner. Research also suggests that teenage boys have issues with trust from their romantic partners.

Teenage boys are at the height of their sexual development. Their bodies are reacting to a large supply of hormones as they go through the stages of puberty. While boys at this age are commonly interested in sex, it is largely believed that this is all that teenage boys care about. However, according to new research, teenage boys also care more about respect in their relationships than love. Researchers have found that teenage boys commonly model themselves after their fathers, learning from this matured, paternal influence. This gives many young men a higher appreciation for respect from their romantic partner. Interestingly, many boys have said they would rather be alone or unloved than be in a relationship where they are loved but not respected.

Researchers have also found that while teenage boys are inherently interested in sex, they also have important trust needs from their sexual partners. This is an interesting dynamic, where teenage boys are more often the gender to initiate intercourse, but two thirds of these boys also said they have trust issues after they have sex with a girl. These findings suggest that teenage boys rely on the opposite sex for certain things, including respect, trust and admiration.