What Do You Do When a Teen Hits His Parent?

If a teen hits a parent, the police should be called if necessary, according to Psych Central. Taking the teen to counseling is another option, with anger management classes being the most common solution.

Parents can get extra help by going to a support group. Friends and family members may also be able to help. A parent must rely on a spouse to present a united front against the abuse. A family meeting must be set up to get everyone involved. The parents must remain calm and keep their anger in check. The entire family must avoid screaming and hitting in the household to let the violent teen know that this type of behavior is unacceptable.

Parents should set up behavior contracts, and consequences such as a loss of privileges should follow for abusive behavior. Teens need to also realize that anger is normal but that it is wrong to express it in a physical way. A troubled teen must find healthy ways to relieve anger through sports or exercise. If those solutions do not work, the teen should find other calming and cathartic outlets, such as writing and playing music.

There should also be a haven where the teen can relax. Avoid forcing an apology while the teen is still angry or just beginning to cool down. Understand the root cause of why the assault took place. Parents must recognize certain warnings signs for problems such as depression, alcohol abuse and drug addiction and find solutions to get the teen the help that he needs.