How Do You Teach a Teenager Responsible Driving Habits?

teach-teenager-responsible-driving-habits Credit: Tetra Images/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Parents can help to teach teenagers responsible driving habits by setting a good example, minimizing distractions and encouraging and insisting on safe driving behavior. In addition, it is helpful for teens to be aware that the situations that most lead to accidents involving teenagers are failure to respond to potential hazards, driving too fast for road conditions and driving while distracted, according to Spendsmart Resources.

Parents should set a good example for their teenage drivers by always wearing seat belts and never using mobile phones while driving. Teens need to practice driving at safe speeds, keeping enough distance from the car in front of them and constantly scanning the environment for potential hazards. Since studies show that teens drive more responsibly when an adult is in the passenger seat, adults should try to ride along with their teen drivers as often as possible. In addition, teens must understand how vital it is never to drive after consuming alcohol.

Driving while distracted is a major problem for teenagers. Parents must stress to teens that not only should they avoid texting while driving, but they should also refrain from taking selfies while behind the wheel. Eating while driving is also very dangerous, increasing the chances of an accident by 80 percent, according to a CBS story cited by Owen, Patterson & Owen.