How Do You Teach Your Kids About Stranger Danger?

To protect your children from stranger dangers, such as kidnapping, molestation, sex slavery and child pornography, start teaching children from as early as the ages of 3 to 5. Constantly remind them about signs and dangers of strangers. Tell your kids why they should not talk to strangers or allow strangers to touch them or present them with gifts.

As a parent, simplify conversations about strangers to the kids' level of understanding. The idea is not to scare your kids but to discuss circumstances that require caution. Encourage them to stick with others while playing, and emphasize that strangers are people they do not know.

Teach kids which parts of their bodies are private. They are not too young to learn the correct names for their genitals and why it is inappropriate for people to touch them. Remind your kids to always report when it happens.

Make a rule that your children must ask permission before going anywhere. You must always know of their whereabouts. Help them to identify safe places.

Establish rules for older children who are able to interact online. Restrict access to websites and platforms that are risky. Place computers and devices your child uses in a common room where you can see what she is accessing online. Remind your child never to give any personal information, answer questions, or fill out forms online.

Teach and help your children to memorize important information, such as your phone number and address. Let your children know how to contact you easily and quickly.