How Do You Teach a Child to Ride a Bike?


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Remove the training wheels and the pedals first when teaching a child to ride a bike. Lower the seat so the child's legs are straight and his feet are planted firmly on the ground.

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Allow the child to sit upright on the bike to get an idea of how it should feel once the pedals are put back on the bicycle. Inflate the tires to the correct pressure so he can comfortably glide on the bike. Scooting and coasting on the bike when it has no pedals helps the child to get his balance. Allow him to practice turning the bike while the pedals are removed. Place traffic cones in the driveway, and encourage him to steer between the cones.

Put the pedals back on the bike. Have the child put one foot on a pedal, and use the other foot to scoot the bike. Hold the bike saddle or the child's shoulder to steady him as he rides the bike and tries to keep his balance. Teach the child to use the pedal brake as he is learning to ride with both feet on the pedals. Encourage him to follow you as you ride your bike to make him more comfortable with turning, speeding up, slowing down, keeping his balance and stopping the bike.

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