How Do You Teach a Baby to Crawl?


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There is no real way to teach a baby to crawl, as this is a milestone infants must reach on their own. You can do things to help encourage your baby once he is ready to master this skill.

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  1. Start with tummy time

    By the time baby is three months old, he should be spending time on his tummy each day in five to 10 minute intervals. This teaches him to hold his head up and increases neck and chest strength.

  2. Place a towel beneath the baby

    You can place a rolled towel or blanket beneath the baby's chest to encourage him to lift his upper body. There are also commercial rollers designed for this purpose. Place the baby's arms over the towel so they are extended and bent at the elbows for support.

  3. Keep items out of reach

    Babies who always have toys available may take longer to crawl. To encourage him to move, place his favorite toys just out of reach. This encourages him to try to get to them.

  4. Get down on the floor

    Get on the floor with your baby. Lie on your belly in front of him, just out of his reach. Smile and talk to him to keep his attention.

  5. Be patient

    Not all babies crawl within a certain time. Some babies don't crawl at all and go straight to pulling up and walking.

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