What Are Symptoms of Strep Throat in Toddlers?


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According to WebMD, symptoms of strep throat in toddlers include a throat that hurts deeply and suddenly without sneezing and cold-like symptoms. Other common symptoms of strep are swallowing pain or difficulty, a fever higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit, swollen lymph nodes, white or yellow spots on the tongue, a throat that is bright red, and dark-red spots in the area where the roof of the mouth meets the throat.

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KidsHealth says stomach pain and swollen tonsils are also symptoms of strep throat. KidsHealth points out that not all sore throats mean strep throat is present. A virus may also cause sore throat, which is usually present with a cough, red eyes and runny nose. Sore throats most often go away on their own and without medical intervention. A toddler who has strep throat, as opposed to a sore throat, develops other symptoms about three days after the sore throat begins. Loss of appetite and nausea may also occur with strep throat.

WebMD points out that scarlet fever occurs with some strep infections. It is exhibited by a skin rash spreading across a person and feeling like sandpaper. Antibiotics can treat scarlet fever. This condition is dangerous if left untreated.

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