How Do You Swaddle a Newborn?

Swaddling mimics the warmth and comfort of the womb, soothing newborns. Swaddle a baby by placing the little one in a blanket and safely wrapping the baby. Always place a swaddled baby on his back to sleep. Swaddling should be discontinued once the baby learns to roll onto his stomach.

  1. Set the blanket for the baby

    To start the swaddling process, lay out a large, thin blanket. Fold over the top corner slightly and then place baby on the blanket with his head just above the folded corner.

  2. Fold the first corner over the baby

    Take one of the side corners of the blanket, and fold it over the baby, tucking it in tightly underneath.

  3. Wrap the feet

    Pick up the bottom corner of the blanket, and place it over the baby, bring sure to leave a bit of room for his feet to move around. Wrapping the legs too tightly can lead to conditions such as hip dysplasia. Wrapping a newborn too tightly can also lead to overheating or respiratory infection.

  4. Finish the swaddle

    Pick up the remaining corner of the blanket, and cross it over the baby's body. Tuck it underneath, leaving only the head and neck exposed.