How Do You Survive With a Narcissistic Mother?


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Getting help from a counselor or therapist can help children to cope with a mother who is a narcissist. It may also be helpful for children to go through the grieving process regarding not having a parent who was emotionally capable of caring for them properly.

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Children of narcissistic mothers probably have to attend counseling on their own, since their mothers are unlikely to admit that narcissism is a problem. It is also helpful for children to realize that their narcissistic mothers are not likely to change. It is unrealistic to hope that a mother with narcissism can change her ways and become more loving and less manipulative.

Children of narcissistic mothers should also take special care to meet their own needs on a regular basis. Sons and daughters of narcissistic mothers should realize that they matter, even though their mothers never showed them that they were important. Eliminating the fear of the narcissistic parent by standing up for oneself and living as a healthy adult is an important survival skill as well. It may also be helpful for children of mothers with narcissism to develop hobbies and interests of their own. This encourages the independence of the child and can boost confidence in adulthood.

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