What Survival Skills Are Best/easiest to Teach to a 3-Year-Old?


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There are a few simple survival techniques that children can learn at any age, and these can provide an important foundation for future skills. The first skills to teach are those related to staying calm in an emergency and following basic safety rules around fire and water.

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Children 3 and under need to first learn how to avoid panic and develop patience in a survival situation. Most people who become lost stand the best chance of being found if they stay put, but learning to stay in one place can be challenging when a child's first instinct is often to run and get help. This is also a good age to start teaching fire safety, even if a 3-year-old might not be able to start a fire on her own. Develop an understanding of how fires are built and what they need to stay lit, and use this to build fire starting skills later on. Finally, consider helping your child develop water survival skills, such as floating and basic swimming strokes. This helps her to avoid injury in many scenarios, even if the only body of water she encounters is your own backyard pool. Children as young as 6 months of age can learn water safety and survival skills.

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