What Are Summer Activities for Teens?

summer-activities-teens Credit: Dave Reede/All Canada Photos/Getty Images

According to Denise Witmer for About.com, summer activities for teens vary according to the types of entertainment available to families in their specific location and are usually comprised of special interests such as camping, playing sports, visiting water parks, having picnics, exploring the outdoors, volunteering, fishing and babysitting. They also include reading, having sleepovers with friends, going to county fairs, grilling out, watching movies and going to concerts.

Connie Matthiessen for GreatSchools notes that teens are in a phase of wanting to assert their independence, so opportunities should incorporate a sense of autonomy that satiates this urge. Most teens balk at the idea, but it is considered beneficial for them to take on internships or paid summer jobs to stimulate their need for responsibility.

Activities for teens to partake in are almost endless during the summer, as this is usually the time of year when businesses begin to cater to children of all ages to keep them entertained while they are out of school. Witmer notes that teens often complain they are bored during the summer and have nothing interesting to do, but a little creativity and encouragement on the part of the parents helps to facilitate the brainstorming of satisfying options.