What Strategy Do You Use to Get Your Child to Wake up Easily?


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To get your child to wake up easily, one strategy is to offer incentives for doing so. According to Web MD, a regular routine for wake up times should be established so that a child get used to waking up and looking forward to the rest of the day. When children are given guidelines there is very little ambiguity as to what is expected of a child in the morning.

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What Strategy Do You Use to Get Your Child to Wake up Easily?
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Children tend to wake up easily if they receive some kind of benefit for doing so. For example, if a child loves to play video games, then use this hobby to your advantage by promising to offer longer playing time only if the child wakes up before a certain time each morning.

Giving children a set of chores to complete once they wake up might seem like a drawback, but if a reward is given after some tasks are completed then children want to wake up earlier. The trick is to make a child want to wake up easily by not forcing them to do so, but by letting them want to do it.

Work can be done the night before to make mornings a little less stressful, such as laying out clothes to wear or packing a lunchbox that is ready to go.

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