How do you stop a toddler from having screaming temper tantrums?


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Ways of preventing toddler temper tantrums include avoiding tantrum triggers, communication, allowing toddler some control and distraction. Remain calm, do not give in to the child's demands, and refrain from reinforcing the behavior by comforting the child excessively during a tantrum.

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Avoiding common tantrum triggers is the best strategy for preventing them. Common triggers for tantrums include hunger and fatigue. Remove restricted items from view if possible. Some toddler have tantrums in response to sudden changes in routine or environment. Communicating with the toddler regarding the change may reduce the stress the child experiences and thereby prevent a tantrum.

Some toddlers have tantrums in situations where they lack control, so providing toddlers reasonable alternatives may be beneficial. Similarly, determine whether some rules that spark tantrums are necessary.

In the event prevention strategies are unsuccessful, attempt to distract the child with a change of scenery or humor. Do not give in to the child's demands. Although relenting may quickly end the tantrum, the practice can cause more frequent and intense tantrums in the future.

Children between the ages of 1 and 4 commonly have tantrums because the area of their brains that regulates emotion and self-control has not yet fully developed. Parents should ignore tantrums if they are mild or occur infrequently but should take steps to prevent tantrums if they are intense or frequent.

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