How Do You Stop Temper Tantrums?

How Do You Stop Temper Tantrums?

Temper tantrums can seem like they last forever. Safe, positive ways to stop your child's temper tantrums include modeling appropriate behavior, ignoring tantrums if the child is safe, holding the child securely and providing a change of scenery.

  1. Control your own behavior

    Keep your temper during the tantrum. This keeps the situation from escalating. Avoid physical reactions like rough grabbing or spanking. Hurting your child only makes the tantrum worse. Begin by letting your child know that tantrums are unacceptable in a calm, firm voice.

  2. Ignore the tantrum

    If the tantrum persists after you've talked to your child and you know it is just a ploy for attention, ignore it. This may mean allowing your child to scream and cry in a public place. While it is difficult, try to continue with your regular activity as much as possible. By denying your child extra attention, you avoid reinforcing such behavior. Your child's tantrum should stop once he realizes the tantrum isn't getting him anywhere.

  3. Hold your child

    If the tantrum becomes too severe, hold your child tightly. While he calms down, explain to him that you love him but throwing a tantrum is not acceptable. Keep a soft, even voice and avoid shaking or otherwise negatively stimulating your child.

  4. Change the scenery

    As a final option, remove your child from the situation. Once your are home or in a neutral place, put your child in time out; a quiet pause helps both of you calm down.