How to Stop Teens From Smoking?


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One way parents and educators can stop teens from smoking is to talk to them about the habit. Adults should explain the social, emotional and health consequences that arise from smoking cigarettes.

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Setting the example is another way adults can help keep teens from smoking. Teens are more likely to pick up the habit if their parents smoke, according to the Mayo Clinic. If the parents do smoke, they should explain to their teen why they are unhappy with the addiction and how hard it is to kick the habit. Quitting smoking by parents goes a long way in setting a positive example for children.

Parent's should not be afraid to lay down the law when it comes to smoking. A rule should be in place along with punishments for teens who decide to smoke. If a teen is worried about getting into trouble, they are less likely to pick up a cigarette.

It is also important for parents to talk to their teen about peer pressure. Explaining to them how peer pressure can negatively impact their behavior while giving them some insight on how to get out of those hard situations can help them say no to smoking when, and if, the occasion arises.

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