How Do You Stop Paying Child Support?


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Stopping child support for lawful reasons begins with a visit to the family court governing the case and requesting the paperwork to stop payments, explains Debrina Washington for About.com. Some reasons include the child reaching the age of 18, the co-parents reconciling or the custodial parent no longer receiving public assistance.

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How Do You Stop Paying Child Support?
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In some cases, divorced co-parents reconcile and resume their relationship, according to Washington. If they remarry, there is no legal reason for one of the parents to keep making child support payment to the other. In this situation, the most expedient process is for the former custodial parent to go back to family court and explain the relationship has resumed and there is no reason for child support to continue.

Custodial parents who receive aid from the government cannot legally stop the government from collecting child support from the noncustodial parent, notes Washington. However, if child support is being used to reimburse public assistance in some way, and the refund has been satisfied, the mother can go back to family court and request that child support be stopped. If any other legal reasons arise for child support to stop, making an application through the associated family court yields an order to child support agencies and the noncustodial parent's employer, assuming wages are being garnished.

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